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DEC Connection May 2010 Italy Tour

DEC Italy meets DEC Connection in Lago Maggiore, Italy

The DEC Italy group, with president, Alessandro Peruzzetto, joined DECconnection members in Stresa, Italy for an afternoon of fun and dining on the near-by island of Lago Pescatori (Fisherman's Island).

"What a great day", said Nancy Kilty. "Such a scenic area and wonderful opportunity to catch up with everyone". Alessandro presented a DEC-Italy survival kit to the group from his family's vineyard (see below) which was timely and greatly appreciated by Lorna and John Oinonen who had to overcome volcanic ash, a detoured air flight and a 5-hour train ride from Nice, France to join us.

Enjoy a few of our breathtaking photos below - hover mouse over pictures for some captions.

Our Route:


Itinerary in .pdf format to download





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