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        Carolyn Abbott - ASSIST-U.S.

April 2007

 Carolyn Abbott    

September 2007 Update:

Our company, ASSIST-U.S., is going strong. We recently hired our Marketing and Sales Director, who officially starts on Monday (10/1/07). We placed a deposit on our first aircraft in early June and anticipate making a second deposit next month. Our executive team is rounded out now and we are in the processing of finalizing our presentation to potential investors. I still pinch myself almost daily but it definitely does seem to be coming closer and closer to reality. We hope to begin flying our first missions next August.

April 2007:

We are starting a new feature to promote businesses of DEC Connection members.  Our first feature is on Carolyn Abbott and her business, ASSIST-U.S., who are also seeking to hire qualified staff.

Aerial Surveillance, Security & Intelligence Systems Technologies-U.S., LLC (ASSIST-U.S.) is a newly-formed, civilian-owned and -operated enterprise that will focus on reducing the vulnerability of America's critical physical infrastructures and key assets to catastrophic events: natural disasters (earthquakes, forest fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, etc.) and terrorist attacks.

The company will provide real-time, aerial intelligence services (electro-optical/infrared surveillance and imagery analysis) to: 1. facilitate security planning by customers; 2. provide actionable intelligence to first responders immediately after terrorist attacks or natural disasters; 3. help preempt terrorist events; in order to help preserve and protect America's: * critical infrastructures (those industrial structures deemed essential to maintaining our economic engine and way of life) and national assets (national monuments, government facilities, etc.); * economic assets (the labor, capital, and natural resources used to produce goods and services) and * international borders (with Mexico and Canada).

We are actively seeking seasoned sales and marketing professionals with experience in some, most or all of the following areas: aviation, defense/homeland security, geospatial intelligence, the military, and/or government sales (state and federal). Interested individuals should contact Bruce A. Seibert, President/CEO (address in the Contact Us page of the website).

Carolyn Abbott 978-790-8971



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