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Linda Crawford

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    April 1, 2013: Our sixteenth feature to promote businesses of DEC Connection members is about Linda Crawford, an innovator in providing consulting services for healthy eating, such as gluten-free living.  Linda was recently featured on a prominent CA television station (link to 3-minute video clip below).

For those near Fountain Valley CA, Linda has a related business as a gourmet cook and personal chef called www.PleasinThePalate.com - see her website or our Member Business Directory for details.

  During her (15) years in sales and services (including at Digital), Linda began to focus on her personal health and active lifestyle, during the early 1990ís, to stay healthy in order to compete in the business world. She noticed that her colleagues were approaching her regarding their weight and fatigue issues. So she started a part-time nutritional counseling business to work with her career-driven colleagues. But they were looking for the silver bullet to lose weight and feel more energy to keep going in their daily lives. She developed a gluten intolerance and other food allergies years later, due to the pressure of her job, that forced her to re-assess her health, career and the direction of her life. Today Linda offers a hands-on experience to learn how to shop, cook, eat, and live gluten-allergen-toxin free to reverse food allergies that will change habits to develop a healthier, active lifestyle.

The search for healthy living and eating is at an all-time high. People are looking to lead healthier lifestyles and live longer while still being able to live productively in a fast paced society. Linda Crawford, founder of Lifestyle Changes 2 Health, is a health coach & consultant who is a specialist in gluten-free eating, managing food allergies and avoiding toxic home-skin-hair care products. She has recently expanded her services to include an all-in-one-day program that helps clients understand the mechanics of reversing gluten-food allergy-toxin symptoms. This four hour VIP Fast Start Package is a hands-on experience directly with Linda.

During this four hour program, Linda tours a health food store with you to learn about food allergy ingredients in foods. She also discusses herbicides, GMO foods, supplements, skin-hair care, and non-toxic household products to use. Linda recommends what clients should incorporate as well as avoid in order to reduce symptoms, soothe inflammation and heal the body from the inside out. These packages are designed for clients to participate and gain first-hand knowledge while having a hands-on experience in learning how to make changes that often provide a noticeable improvement in symptoms, health, stress and weight loss. She also offers hands on experience with menu planning and cooking classes in your home. It also includes an in home kitchen and cupboard makeover to clear unwanted ingredients that are triggering your food allergy symptoms. These services are all included in a Fast Start VIP Day Package offering.

Linda was recently featured on a CA Adventure TV segment for KCAL Channel 9 to discuss her coaching, consulting and healthy cooking services. She speaks regularly at health expos and corporate events regarding healthy cooking and coaching on food allergens and toxins in your body and home. Here is the TV segment link: http://youtu.be/LG8J7pXtjW4

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