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Marce Enright - Jazz Plus

June 2007

Marce Enright Link to Archive

Our second feature to promote businesses of DECedOut members is on Marce Enright and her business, New England Traditional Jazz Plus.

New England Traditional Jazz Plus is a Traditional Jazz, Dixieland, Ragtime and Swing newsletter created to support our current outstanding NEW ENGLAND musicians and to encourage and preserve the LIVE jazz we've delighted in for years. This is NOT background music Ė itís for people who enjoy listening or dancing to LIVE improvisational jazz musicians who also make sure there is always at least one instrument playing the melody. New England Traditional Jazz Plus was created and is maintained by Marce of Milford, Massachusetts. Itís a business, hobby, obsession. Active members receive a bi-monthly, hard-copy newsletter. The web site is www.nejazz.com.


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