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Featured Member Entrepreneur

Charlotte Hebert,

Author and Technical Writer

April 2008

Charlotte Hebert

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Our fourth feature to promote businesses of DEC Connection members is about Charlotte Hebert, a former technical writer-turned-novelist.

Charlotte Hebert is a self-employed writer of literary fiction. She has just published her first novel on the web, a print-on-demand book through Lulu. Charlotte is marketing the book mainly through the web and local media outlets. Stories about her and her work have appeared on the front page of the Northboro/Westboro Record, the Community Advocate, and in the Boston Globe West Weekly section.

A description of the novel is as follows:

Lynn, in a blink-of-the-eye event, loses the person dearest in the world to her—her husband. This tragedy starts Lynn out on both a spiritual search, in which she delves into meditation and Eastern religion, and a path of self-destruction. Things start to go better for Lynn, however, when, as a way of looking outside of herself, she volunteers at a suicide-prevention hotline and begins to develop a relationship with a caller… Or do they?

Numbering Stars is an elegiac love story, an exploration of life and meaning, and a suspenseful read rolled into one. It is ultimately about a woman who is struggling with faith under the onus of loss—who keeps trying and failing and trying again.

Charlotte's short fiction has been published in numerous literary journals including Sun Dog: The Southeast Review and The Widener Review.

Numbering Stars was a finalist in both The Hemingway First Novel Contest and The Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize. Charlotte has studied with the late Andre Dubus, as well as with the novelist Mameve Medwed, and the Senior Fiction Editor at The Atlantic Monthly, C. Michael Curtis.

While at Digital, Charlotte was a software technical writer for seven years, mainly in Marlboro, MA. During that time, she was a member of the PROSE Notesfile and posted some work through that, and reviewed others' work. She believes it was a great starting point.

For a free preview of Numbering Stars, or to order the book, please visit www.lulu.com/charlottehebert

Charlotte would also be pleased to receive any feedback you have on her work. Please email her at c_hebert@charter.net.

See the Members in Print page for links to Charlotte's publications.


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