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DECedOut's 2nd 50th Anniversary Reunion Celebration Gallery - evening of September 27, 2007 at Stow Acres Country Club

Sept. 27, 2007: 150 former employees enjoyed our second celebration of the 50th year of the founding of Digital Equipment Corporation with a 3-course dinner and reunion at the Stow Acres Country Club.  Some of the attendees competed in the optional Golf Tournament during the day.

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Member Messages:

Charles Savage Iím honored that you might share this. I can still remember how BJ Johnson and his team were so hard at work on DECnet, and everyone was laughing about this flimsy TC/IP stuff. Well, unfortunately, we didnít get the last laugh.

Yet, I doubt if there is a company that has gone away, yet where even after fifty years the spirit is still very much alive. This ought to be one for the Guinness Book. In fact, why not submit it and see if it sticks? My very best to all the wonderful people who keep DECís spirit alive Ö may we all live till the 100th anniversary!!! (If not us, certainly DECs spirit will still be alive!) Charles

Dear Robert and team, I truly wish I might be with you all on the 27th, but it's a bit far from Munich to Stow. Had we won with DECnet Phase 5 instead of TC/IP, I might have been able to beam myself to Stow. My best wishes for a wonderful reunion and remembrances of a time when things hummed in at the Mill and elsewhere. Cheers, Charles

Ray Humphrey Sadly I'll be in Las Vegas the entire week of the 22nd through October 1st. Have a great "Camelot" time..."there once was a bright and shining spot, called "Digital..."

Ray VP, Corporate Security 18 years at DEC

Vanessa Fox Nice party yesterdayÖ.I know it is a lot of work to organize those events, and it looks like everything came together really well!  I ran into a few folks that I hadn't seen for a while... and it was good to see others who I have.  
Anker Berg-Sonne, Board of Directors This was a team effort and everybody pitched in and made it a success.  Although the golf tournament and the dinner were smaller than we anticipated, everybody who did attend had a great time from the feedback I have received. The four groups of golfers had a great time and appreciated the sponsorship of Legacy Financial Advisors - thank you! The dinner went extremely well and the 150 attendees was an almost perfect number for the venue. It wasn't crowded but didn't look empty and it was possible to find everybody you wanted to connect with and also pick out long-lost friends. Everything went smoothly, registration, dinner and socialization. Thank you everybody, and especially the volunteers who offered their assistance for this event.  



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