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DEC Computers in Use

Legends of "ancient" DEC gear still in use!

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Dear DEC Connection:
I am a current HP employee, and I started with DEC in 1981. I saw something a year or 2 ago that I totally forgot about until now. I would like to share it with you.

While on a project, I was able to get a tour of what was left of the data center on Taylor Street in Littleton, MA (a former DEC location). While touring the floor, I saw something that I could not believe. I saw a small row of old DEC VAX machines still in use! After the initial shock wore off, I took my phone and quickly snapped the attached photo because I knew no one would believe me! The data center is closed now, not sure what happened to the machine?

So here we have it, a DEC product that you just canít kill!!!! Figured the members would get a kick out of it.  Thank you!   Peter D'Olimpio, PMP   - 25 Oct 10
We are pleased to introduce the installation of ex-Digital engineer Reinhard Heuberger in Germany (Reinhard.Heuberger@gmx.de).  He has made several YouTube videos about his hobby restoring PDP-11s which you can enjoy at this link: http://de.youtube.com/user/PDP11GY - or chat with him on our Member Forum!
Update:  Wofford Witch Videos on YouTube

Hello former DEC folks, I was browsing your DECconnection web site and thought you might be interested in knowing that I am keeping some 35 year old DEC PDP-11 systems and peripherals up and running in a reincarnation of my college's 1975-79 computer center. Information on my project can be found at http://www.woffordwitch.com.


I like to keep my 30 - 37 year old equipment in working condition. If any of the DEC old-timers have any early-to-mid 1970s DEC items they would be interested in getting rid of, I am quite interested. I mostly specialize in the early 1970s "blinking light" unibus systems and peripherals.

  Ashley Carder, Leesville, SC, ashley@scwind.com

  Did you know that 2008 was VMS' 30th Anniversary Year? 

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