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Calgary, AL, Canada

Welcome to the web page for the Calgary, Alberta, Canada ex-Digital group.

Our organizer is David Boone, deboone@telus.net.


Here is a photo of our group at lunch on June 2, 2023. We meet for lunch the first Friday of each month. Turnout varies from as few as 5 to as many as 20. The distribution list is 32 people. We started more than 25 years ago with a group of about 6 people all of whom worked in the DEC Calgary office in the early 70's. Our numbers gradually increased and, lately, we have added quite a few.

It is just a relaxing time to catch up with one another and hear news from others we haven't seen for a long time. We have lost a few to the grim reaper so we honour their memory, as well.

Pictured from left around table:
John McAra, Blake Mather, Vivian Boone, David Boone, David Casper, Bob Gardiner, Graham Kinmond and Ola Juvkam-Wold.

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