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David Mark's 11 articles on Digital and Maynard - 11/19 through 3/20


From journalist David Mark:


On March 25, 2020 I posted the last of eleven newspaper columns about DEC and Maynard to The first had been November 26, 2019. All are posted to that website. Each has several images.


The topics in chronological order: Origins, Rise, Minicomputers, Women, DCU, PCs, DECworld, Logo, Decline, Aftermath, and Diversity.


This fall, the Town of Maynard will publish a history book as part of 150th anniversary of town's creation. Most of the DEC material will be a chapter. I hope that DEC alumni will find the posted and published information of interest.


David A. Mark

10 Maple Street

Maynard, MA 01754






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