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DEC Connection BBQ Picnic in Marlboro -- Saturday, July 19, 2014


Barrie and Anne Hunter were perfect hosts for the second year of a fantastic BBQ at their house in Marlboro. We had a larger group than last year and everyone enjoyed friendly conversation, networked, ate some delicious BBQ, had fun with the games, boat rides, etc! 


This year there were two presentations of note by Marcia Russell:


- a memorial re: the untimely passing of Steve Teicher, Digital Engineering VP and computer industry star


- her presentation to Rod Sutherland of an authentic CPU Wars comic book.  Rod shared the electronic version for us all to enjoy:


        Here are both the links to WikiPedia and the authors WEBsite that holds the material.

Thanks again, Barrie and Anne.


Thanks to Jack Mileski, Vanessa Fox, and Fred Isbell for taking photographs:

Let's get together for a fun-filled BBQ Picnic in Marlboro, MA on July 19th, starting at 3 PM up until 8 PM.

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, etc. will be cooked on the grill at our Board Member Barrie Hunter and his wife Anne's house. We'll also have some fun tournament games (low impact) - e.g. Baggo (also known as Core Hole) where you throw a bean bag on a slanted board and the Sling Ladder Toss Game. Prizes will be awarded.

The DEC Connection will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, bottled water, ice, utensils, plates, cups, etc. We would ask attendees to bring snacks, salad, sides, desserts, and any other drinks (besides the water provided).

The cost is $5 per couple (husband and wife or member and invited guest) to offset the cost of the event.  One attendee must be a member (click here to join or renew).

We ask you to sign up early. There is limited space at Barrie and Anne's house.  Directions will be emailed to confirmed attendees a few days before the event.


Barrie and Anne's back yard has a lovely pond (photo below), suitable for swimming, so if you wish bring swimsuits and towels, etc.





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