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Digital Facilities:  Location and Phone Codes


In July 1988, Digital was about at its peak in size and influence in the industry.


We had a few thousand different offices worldwide for manufacturing, sales, service, and administration. 


Interestingly, July 1988 was the same month that area code 508 was created.


Here are the pages summarizing our Digital Telephone Network Codes (3 pp.) and our Location Codes (7 pp.)  If anyone knows the actual number of facilities, either by having worked in that dept. or being willing to count these, we'll add that to this page.  Email to info@decconnection.org.


Thanks to Lois Levick for the loan of her phone book to create this page.


July 1988 Phone book cover

DTN Codes, page 1

DTN Codes, page 2

DTN Codes, page 3

Location Codes, page 1

Location Codes, page 2

Location Codes, page 3

Location Codes, page 4

Location Codes, page 5

Location Codes, page 6

Location Codes, page 7


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