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Carolinas DEC Connection Chapter event in Raleigh NC

Carolinas DEC Connection Chapter Reunion Dinner
in Raleigh NC at The Prestonwood Country Club on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

This event was a smashing success!  Organizer supreme Zul Abbany and friends did a great job finding local ex-DECcies with whom to meet and reminisce about our "good old days".  The original room for 24 was oversubscribed and fortunately Zul was able to upgrade to one accommodating 40 attendees.  Here are some comments and photos from the evening.  A great time was had by all!  Thanks also to Phyllis Moss and Joe Harris for assisting Zul, and to Jill Braser for taking and sharing these photos.


Attendees included ex-DECcies and their guests: Zul Abbany, Tim Rafferty, Carey Barnes, Ray Wheeler, Doug Koenig, Phyllis Moss, Ralph James, Dolores Leonard, Peter Flack, Martha Arnum, Jill Braser, David Wallace, Samir Abed, Joe Harris, Linda Briley. John Fisher, Ron McGrath, Larry Cox, Mel Denis, Fred Knight, Terry Startsman, Don Casey, Don Click, Mark Landers, Jim Damchak, Wilfredo Leon and Ben Miller.


Some comments:

  • Hey Zul, You did a great job making the reunion a wonderful success. No one realizes how much time and effort went into this event. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great day. Mel Denis

  • Hi Zul, Phyllis, Joe: My daughter, Karen and I enjoyed the DEC reunion at Prestonwood. The ambiance, delicious food and meeting former DEC employees was most pleasurable. I appreciate your coordination for this event. Look forward to the next one. Until next time....Martha Arnum

  • Wonderful event! Thanks, Zul!  Doug Koenig

  • Hello all, Had such a great time last night! Thank you Zul for organizing this successful event. Here are a fews pics from the reunion. I didn't start taking pictures until the end of the evening. Too busy talking to everyone :). I hope others took some to share. It was great to see you all and to reconnect!  Jill Braser

  • Dear Ex DEC Employees, First, let me thank you all collectively and individually, for making our Reunion a great success. On all counts, the ambiance, the food, the mingling amongst each other, the sharing of stories and albums, and even re uniting after so many years was as if we had never left DEC. Many of us were able to pick up from where we left off some 14 years ago. For myself, not having worked in NC, or for that matter in the USA, it was a great pleasure to meet fellow DECees and recognize some of the names that we all worked with in head office. The training that we got at DEC and the bonding with fellow employees that was built over the years will stay with us till our final days. As I went around the tables, many of you want to have another reunion and a bigger , better, reunion. I suggest that we should target to have one in the Summer of 2015, probably a Sunday event , so that it would give people an opportunity to drive from a few hours out and give enough time to get back.   - Zul

Invitation: Cost is $25.00 per person. Includes a full buffet, gratuity and soft drinks. The buffet has a salad bar, a fruit bar, 3 hot entrees, carving table, vegetables and a full dessert table. Alcohol is extra.


Contact Zul Abbany, zabbany@nc.rr.com or call him at 919-612-3416 to sign up for this event, or to be on the mailing list. Helping organize are Phyllis Moss phyllismoss@nc.rr.com and Joe Harris jharris11@nc.rr.com


Our new Carolinas Chapter, headquartered in Raleigh NC, is up and running!  They had their first event on 15 October - a really nice dinner party hosted by Zul Abbany and his team from Stromasys, Inc.  Here are the comments from participating members, and the photos sent by Amanda Underwood.  Thanks to Zul and Amanda for their generosity and for a great job!

The first meeting of the Carolinas chapter of the DEC Connection was held on October 15, 2009 at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary, North Carolina. The event was hosted by Zul Abbany, a former Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Equipment Corp. in Canada. All of the attendees had a wonderful time, and the Carolinas chapter plans to get together for more networking and reminiscing very soon.

Some of the Rave Reviews:

  • Zul and Ron - thank you again for our 'yummies' tonight and for the gathering. We had a lot of reminiscing and laughs - can't wait to do this again. It's truly amazing all the journeys we've had and the people that we've all known. - Manon (Thibodeau) Angelo
  • Thanks, Zul for the evening and everyone for the enjoyable stories and memories. Keep in touch.- Greg Tarsa
  • It was great meeting all of you last night. It never ceases to amaze me to find out all the great people that made up the Digital family. Zul & Ron thanks for a great dinner and wine. -Peter Sola
  • What a great evening! It was wonderful meeting all of you. As I spent my DEC career in the field, last evening was reminiscent of a visit to 3M Country (Maynard, Merrimack, and Marlboro). Zul & Ron thank you for your hospitality. - Joe Harris
  • Thank you for the wonderful dinner and wine. Beautiful location! It was great to meet everyone and share DEC stories. - Phyllis Moss
  • It was indeed a fabulous evening. Thanks a million to Ava and Zul for orchestrating a memorable evening. - Ron McGrath
  • Just a note to add my thanks to Zul and also to Ava, Ron, and Amanda for generously hosting a group of old DECies. It was a real pleasure to meet each of you and to reminisce about a great organization and a wonderful place to work. Zul, thanks again for the meal and for pulling the meeting together and Ron, thanks for the wine. - Jay Andrews



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